Miracles in Colorado

February 9th was a radiant day in Englewood, Colorado history.  It was the day when WUSA News reported that Reese and McKenna Gimbel, twin girls, were doing quite well and had a remarkably normal future ahead of them.

Why is this such a day of celebration, you might ask?  After all, people deliver twins all the time.  Well, I would have to say you are right about that, but these two little girls are special because they beat all the odds.

You see when their parents, Shannon and Mike Gimbel, were told that one of their preborn twins would have to be “terminated” or both of them would die, they recall suffering a blow so severe that they nearly lost their faith.  The twins’ mom told WUSA 9 news, “You start believing you’re not supposed to have children this way.”

The couple, you see, had already miscarried twins.

Well, the two parents discerned that they simply could not “terminate” one of their babies.  They decided to carry on, and to consult with their doctors in order to do what was best for both of their preborn children without killing one of them.

To make a long story short, expert surgeons from Utah performed a laser surgery on the weaker twin in the womb and it was successful.  The girls were born last June and their mother and father are joyous.  Their story did not get much publicity until February 9th, which we are certain is because the parents wanted privacy during the period of uncertainty that they had to deal once the girls were born, we are happy to report that both girls are active, happy and just beginning to notice each other, according to their parents.

It is stories like this that make us appreciate, in a brand new way, what it means to be pro-life and why it is that pro-life is not simply a term; it is a way of life that touches hearts and minds every moment of every day!  Praise the Lord for the opportunity to live a pro-life life.