Millions of Tiny Crucifixions

Crucifixion, an “extreme and painful punishment” resulting in death, was the form of capital punishment used by Romans and others at the time of Christ. Historically, we are told that Constantine abolished the act in the year 337 AD.

However, one can contemplate the intentional killing of a single preborn child and understand that it too is an “extreme and painful punishment” resulting in death.

Just as Jesus Christ was innocent yet crucified, so too is every single preborn child directly killed by abortion.

Abortion is cruel and inhumane, ghastly and evil. Yet among the nation’s most prominent advocates for signing Americans up to participate in the Obama Affordable Care Act is Planned Parenthood, the nation’s foremost abortion provider and advocate. Planned Parenthood said in a recent press release that “more than 500 canvassers” in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio “are knocking on an average of 20,000 doors a day, carrying tablets, and giving individuals and families access to technology that enables them to complete their application for new healthcare coverage at the door.”

This newfound source of potential clients for the abortion cartel is netting big bucks for Planned Parenthood—in the form of taxpayer dollars. $655,000 million has been given to three Planned Parenthood affiliates for the purpose of paying “navigators” whose role is to sign up new enrollees for Obamacare. 

A sweet deal with deadly results. Abortion is cruel and inhumane, ghastly and evil, and yet it is the abortion salespeople themselves who are marketing “healthcare” and arguing that the government-funded healthcare program is “one of the greatest advancements for women’s health in a generation.” 

Of course that’s easy for Cecile Richards, president of PPFA, to utter since she consistently teaches that abortion and contraception are necessary healthcare options for women. She has expounded in the past that any effort to curtail abortion in any way is nothing more than an “assault on women’s health and rights.”

What she and her cronies would never say is that abortion itself is an assault on the body of an innocent person and a denial of that individual’s basic right to life. The Constitutional protection of the right to life has been tossed out the window and replaced with the mantra of safe and legal abortion on demand. Yet the fact remains: Abortion is cruel and inhumane, ghastly and evil.

Such a tragedy has ramifications that only historians will be able to assess in the coming decades. Though clearly 40-plus years of decriminalized killing of innocent preborn children has already scarred society in many ways.

For instance, there are countless fathers of the dead preborn who mourn their loss. Vincent Rue, Ph.D., writes of them, “For men who know of their fatherhood and its demise, the feelings can burn intensely.” In addition, there are grandparents whose lives are empty of the grandchildren they know could have been theirs to cuddle and spoil with their love. 

Renowned historian Fred Hutchison’s perspective puts the grievous crime of abortion in its proper cultural context writing

If a person looks favorably upon the sexual revolution, defends sexual promiscuity and perversion, and rejects traditional concepts of marriage, family, and sexual responsibility they will invariably support abortion. The women’s liberation movement and the Playboy philosophy are both solidly behind abortion. . . .  Materialists might find babies inconvenient to their accumulation of wealth and free time to play with their expensive toys. Moral relativism based upon subjective feelings is an ally of abortion. Evolutionary materialists think that the life in the womb is just a biological tissue and therefore they favor abortion on demand. What is the big deal, they wonder, in cutting out some protoplasm?

The culture is in a critical state at this hour and needs a resurgence of conscience, respect for the moral law, and a renewed sense of what it means to be a human being.

Now is the right time to ask: When are these tiny crucifixions going to end?