Millions of Crucifixions

Millions of Crucifixions

By Judie Brown

It has often been said that without the crucifixion there would be no Resurrection.

This is what we witness during the three days beginning with Holy Thursday and culminating on Easter Sunday morning.

The word crucifixion, defined as an “extreme and painful punishment” resulting in death, was the form of capital punishment used by Romans and others at the time of Christ. Historically, we are told that Constantine abolished the act in the year 337 AD.

But for Jesus Christ it was all too real, and it was out of love for us that He suffered such an ignominious death and then rose from the dead, glorious and triumphant over evil, over sin, and over death itself.

However, for the tiny aborted who die at an alarming rate every day, the agony and pain of abortion always results in death—death of the body, but surely not of the soul. In that we take great comfort as we strive to end this killing once and for all.

Just as Jesus Christ was innocent yet crucified, so too is every single preborn child directly killed by abortion. Though they are innocent, they are killed in extreme and painful ways.

As we ponder Christ’s love for each and every human being over these holy days, let us resolve to protect the innocent, to defend their human right to live, and to always trust in the merciful love of God.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Holy Easter!