Michigan pro-lifers working around the clock

"Michigan pro-lifers are on the cusp of ensuring the most fundamental step in reversing the deadly impact that legalized abortion has left on our country," said American Life League president Judie Brown. "These hard-working activists are relentless in their selfless desire to save the lives of an untold number of preborn children."

Michigan pro-lifers face a July 10 deadline for securing enough signatures to add a proposed state constitutional amendment to the November ballot. "If the signatures are gathered and Michigan voters approve the measure this fall, America's first statewide totally protective pro-life language will be in place. American Life League fully supports the Michigan initiative, which defines personhood as beginning at conception," said Brown.

Michigan Citizens for Life, the organization leading the effort for the ballot initiative, is sponsoring the petition drive. The petitioners must secure 317,000 valid signatures by the deadline in order to add the amendment to the fall ballot.

Brown says the effort in Michigan is of vital importance as other states will likely follow their model to add protective measures to their respective state constitutions. "Just a few months ago, the nation's eyes were on South Dakota as that state's legislators approved a ban on medical and surgical abortion. Now, the country is watching Michigan," said Brown. "Success in this state will certainly encourage people across the nation to support additional legislative proposals that establish personhood for preborn children ? a principle that makes the heinous act of abortion illegal."

Release issued: 15 Jun 06