Michigan initiative a bold step toward ending abortion

"Building from the momentum set forward in South Dakota, American Life League is excited to lend support to the initiative in Michigan which will define personhood as beginning at conception ? the union of the sperm and ovum," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "Establishing personhood for the preborn child is the most fundamental step in reversing the death and destruction that the scourge of abortion has left on our country."

Michigan Citizens for Life is the organization working to introduce the ballot initiative which, if passed, will drastically change Michigan law to protect all persons ? born and preborn. The group is sponsoring a petition drive with a proposed amendment for the Michigan Constitution. The petitioners must secure 317,000 valid signatures by July 10 in order to add the amendment to the November 7 ballot.

Brown added, "As more than 3,500 babies die every day in this country from surgical abortion, it is crucial to champion proposals that will help to bring this tragedy to an end. The people of Michigan are to be commended as they work together and support this initiative that has the potential to save an untold number of lives."

Brown further noted that initiatives such as these need to be exported to every state in the nation. "American Life League encourages people across the nation to support legislative proposals that protect human life from the beginning by establishing personhood for the preborn child and therefore making the killing of a child through abortion illegal," said Brown.

Release issued: 14 Mar 06