Meet These Adorable NICU Babies

April 13, 2018 09:00 AM

Babies are such a great way to start people, but some start their lives outside the womb smaller than others. Instagram gives us a peek at the teeny, tiny, vulnerable newborns who are fighting the good fight because they arrived a little bit early.


Very unexpectedly, Matthew got moved from NICU and in to HDU after only 12 days. We're so pleased! We have been warned (maybe actually reassured?) though, that he could go back to NICU at any stage if he deteriorates. We became really aware of how unwell babies in NICU now are in comparison to Matthew. I felt massive relief that he was the most stable baby in there and ready to move out. That relief was tinged with a weird guilt that I can't explain. Maybe it's that I'm imagining what is going through the hearts and minds of those parents and I can barely breathe... Yet Matthew leaves NICU without any major dramas since his birth. I kept asking in the hours before and after his birth, 'Why us? Why my baby?'. By Sunday afternoon I was thinking 'Why not us? Why should it be someone else, why NOT us?'. We were prepared for a lengthy NICU stay and yet we've sailed through and so many babies are left behind. Please pray that Matthew's HDU stay continues so smoothly. Another step forward was feeding Matthew my milk down his gastric tube. Next, Jason got his first proper cuddle. I could have sat and watched them all day until I heard him tell Matthew that the cats hate me and he should join their crew! 😂 So far Jake is only getting to see pictures of his baby brother. He's been so understanding and the best behaved a 13 year old boy can manage!😂 His mum, @sarah198031 is also amazing and we'd be lost without her ❤️ #24weeker #bornat24weeks #nicu #hdu #prematurebaby

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ころころ変わる顔が可愛くて可愛くて仕方がない(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) 一緒に居られる時間が!今は2時間程度のなので、この時間がとっても楽しみ❤️ 私は明日退院だから、面会の回数がどうしても減ってしまうのが悲しい😢 #男の子 #男の子ママ #親バカ #nicu #入院中 #一緒に頑張ろう #早く一緒に住みたい #写真 #見過ぎて #毎日寝不足

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Yesterday I had my first experience, ever, in a NICU. It was such an eye opener! I saw so many tiny miracles and I had the incredible honor to photograph one of them! Little Easton was born at just 28 weeks. He's now 6 weeks (34 weeks) old!! He's still super tiny but he's twice the size he was when he was born. When I found out Megan, Easton's mom, had had him, I immediately offered a complimentary session to her. I am so glad she and Brandon took me up on my offer and allowed me to photograph this incredible time in their lives. Please pray for little Easton to continue striving and growing well so he can go home with his mommy and daddy! **I did not touch the baby or position him in any way. His mom and nurse did that. I do not touch NICU babies. #jaymejenkinsphotography #ncphotographer #ncbirthphotographer #fresh48 #birthphotographer #nicu #nicuphotog #preemie #preemiestrong

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Life is so precious. Welcome to the world baby boy! #madelinewilsonphotography #babyboy #nicu

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