Media “experts”

It is always a challenge to remain calm when the news reports on the March for Life begin pouring into the e-mail box or the actual "in" box at my office. One wonders precisely what event some of these reporters attended since there is always a heavy emphasis on the "anti-choice" effort to curtail women's rights and thus jeopardize their health.

To this very day I have never seen the New York Times refer to a preborn child as a human being; I have yet to hear a major news outlet discuss the rights of the child in utero as being important and equal to the rights of his parents. No, such has not occurred, at least to my limited knowledge.

And so as we proceed into the thirty-fourth year of decriminalized abortion, perhaps we should take a moment to make a resolution. Let's embrace the news media through spiritual adoption. Let's entrust the hardened hearts to God, and pray for each and every reporter daily.

We just might be able to make honest heroes out of those media "experts." And that would be a blessing!