Luis Mendoza’s Gift To His Son

Pro-life activist Luis Mendoza is a man whose love has changed at least one life.  In 2004 when his adopted son died of pediatric liver cancer at the age 4, Luis decided that he wanted to celebrate his son's fifth birthday in a special way. That is when Luis began praying in front of the abortion mill where Dr. John Rivera plied his trade.

Through persistence, charity and public witness Luis made a difference and today Dr. Rivera is out of the abortion business.  As Luis told the reporter who wrote How a Chula Vista Man Helped an Abortionist Find a New Path, he read Joe Scheidler's 99 Ways to Stop Abortion and said that "Dr. Rivera was a textbook example of finding the human side of an abortionist."

God bless you, Luis.  We know your son is proud of his Dad!