Little White Lies

Senators Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton wrote a rather deceptive editorial eititled Abortion Debate Shuns Prevention. Their arguments are designed to lead the reader to believe that they truly favor an end to abortion. The problem is that the prevention they are promoting creates the foundational reasons for abortion and in some cases causes an abortion!

Now, don't scratch your head. Let's think this through.  The senators say that the more contraception there is, the less abortion there will be. They suggest that everybody in the pro-life movement should get together with the pro-abortion movement and agree to focus on preventing unintended pregnancies by making sure everyone, especially the poor, have unlimited access to birth control.

The senators fail to point out that the most popular forms of birth control cause abortion during the first seven days of a preborn child's life. They fail to mention that most forms of birth control do not protect any woman from sexually transmitted disease and do create number health problems.

You see, the bottom line in all this that the senators are not really making an honest effort to cut down on the number of abortions; the're trying to make earlier abortions more palatable by denying that they occur.

The prevention they approve of has to do with children, not abortion.