Let’s Get Political

By Christopher M. Reilly

As I presented this past weekend at the Bringing America Back to Life Convention in Nashua, New Hampshire, I found that most of the audience had not made a connection between the “culture of death” and a political ideology like Progressivism.

Of course, in this season of the political circus acts otherwise known as “presidential campaigns,” it’s easy to get pretty tired of politics altogether.

Meanwhile, we watch Congressional politicians preen and strut as if their no-risk, anti-Planned Parenthood legislation—full of exceptions, expiration dates, and the cynical pretense of compassion for the non-voting babies—ever had a chance of being signed into law by the most pro-death U.S. president ever.

Our public needs the humorous release and entertainment provided by politicians. President Obama understood this better than anyone when he invited every possibly offensive person to join him in meeting our Holy Father Pope Francis this week. Oh Barack, what a kidder!

The integrity of their fearful leader notwithstanding, Progressivists have always despised politics. In the first Progressive era of around 1890 to 1920, middle class activists wanted to curtail the messy reign of political parties over voting by forcing government oversight of a highly regulated voting system. They minimized the supposedly frivolous and self-interested politics of local communities by developing a professional class of government workers who would apply “objective” decision making to such issues.

Today, Progressivism characterizes an uncertain alliance between a globally-oriented mass of government bureaucrats, liberal elites, technology and science institutions, and the media. This alliance holds together primarily by the disinterest of most Americans in governing their own country.

The Progressives are focused on radically transforming society and humanity through technical knowledge. They want to create a utopia in which the supposed flaws of individual human beings and their families are overcome.

Eugenics—the attempt to “perfect” the human race by controlling reproduction and population—is an essential core of Progressivism. In the 20th century, it led to 60,000 American women and children being forced to submit to surgical sterilization because they were considered “unfit” to have children. The Supreme Court was just as morally challenged then as it is now, for it legalized forced sterilization in 1927.

The German Nazis developed their own sterilization laws based on American state legislation, leading to 225,000 persons sterilized in just three years. During the Nazi Holocaust, about six million Jews were killed along with five to 10 million others, including the disabled, Gypsies, and homosexuals.

At one time, eugenics was a topic covered in 90 percent of American high school textbooks and supported by such notables as President Teddy Roosevelt and British prime minister Winston Churchill.

Today, traditional marriage and the family stand in the way of Progressivist eugenics. Families defend private rights to childrearing and reproduction, and even tend to favor conservative or traditional values. This angers the Progressivists, some of whom recently legalized gay “marriage” through a bogus Supreme Court “decision.”

At the same time, genetic scientists are changing the human race:

  • They are gaining speed in identifying how to change specific genes or combinations of genes.
  • They are rapidly gaining knowledge about epigenetics—changes in personality and behavior related to genetic change AFTER conception.
  • They can deliberately alter many physical, mental, and personality characteristics of new human beings.
  • New technology (recklessly legalized in Great Britain) allows manipulation of human characteristics that will be inherited in future generations beyond the current generation being treated. The opportunity for mistakes is enormous.

Abortion, which has been promoted for and has selectively decimated the black population and Down syndrome persons alike, is an important tool in this agenda. So is in vitro fertilization, by which millions upon millions of human beings have been killed simply for the purpose of picking out the babies whom scientists and couples wish to survive.

Progressive population control fanatics, including a recent secretary of state, continue to pour our government’s money into reducing the populations of shrinking populations in Russia, Armenia, and Georgia. Meanwhile, the American Title X program, administered through the Office of Population Affairs, devotes about 90 percent of its funds to providing contraceptive, sterilization, and abortion options to poor people.

I could go on. As a matter of fact, I will. I refuse to be one of the masses who will allow Progressivists and the allies of Planned Parenthood to govern our country.

I’m going to get pretty darned political. How about you?

To listen to Chris Reilly’s radio interview about this topic on We Hold These Truths on WSMN Nashua, click here.

Christopher M. Reilly is director of external relations at ALL. He holds a master’s degree in public and international affairs and has done graduate work in bioethics, public policy, and marketing. His book Deadly Progressivism: The Rebirth of Eugenics in the 21st Century will be available in November.