Stop Planned Parenthood DVD Set

How the controversial organization is harming your community—and what you can do about it! Pro-life leaders Jim Sedlak and David Bereit present a power-packed series of workshops.

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Click here for detailed statistics on the current state of abortion in the United States.

Planned Parenthood

For the latest statistics and research on the fight against Planned Parenthood, please visit the stats section of the STOPP website. The site includes:

  • Detailed Statistics of Planned Parenthood’s Last Five Years
  • STOPP’s Annual Reports on Planned Parenthood’s Operations
  • Planned Parenthood Is Not Effective in Lowering STD Rates
  • Quick Facts about Planned Parenthood
  • CDC & Prevention Numbers: A Black Child Is 2.33 More Times Likely to Be Killed In The Womb Than a White Child