Lawyers And The Demise Of Moral Clarity

The purpose of this blog is to ask for your help in the struggle to oppose the American Bar Association's "pro-choice" (pro-abortion) position statement, adopted at its 1992 annual meeting in San Francisco. In the past, efforts were made to change the policy or at least create a neutral position, and so far, those efforts have failed.

As one news report recounts the story,

The ABA's position, adopted in 1992, endorses the basic outlines of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling that women may choose to have an abortion without state interference prior to the point at which a fetus could live outside the womb, and after that point if the woman's life or health were threatened by the pregnancy.

Efforts are underway to call upon pro-life attorneys, particularly attorney Deacon Bill Steltemeier of Eternal Word Television Network, to put pressure on the ABA in several ways. As one Catholic activist pointed out to us in a recent e-mail, it is totally within the prerogative of EWTN and its leadership to point out the following facts regarding the ABA's position on abortion and Catholics who are members of the ABA:

  1. It is a violation of Catholic teaching for Catholic law schools and Catholic lawyers to align themselves in any way with the ABA and its totally pro-abortion position.
  2. Every Catholic attorney, law student and layman should be communicating with the ABA, pressing for a reevaluation of the ABA's tragic support for Roe v. Wade and seeking a turnaround at the ABA's upcoming annual convention, which will be held August 7 through 12 in New York City.
  3. Each of us should be praying for discernment on the part of the ABA's leaders, so that they will see the flawed logic in the ABA's current position on abortion.

What a powerful alliance it would be if EWTN were to join forces with pro-lifers in the legal profession and public life around this nation to pressure the American Bar Association to separate itself from its pro-abortion policies.


  1. William H. Neukom [email protected]
    , president of the American Bar Association for 2008.

Note: Neukom has public ties with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is, as we know, a supporter of various Planned Parenthood activities as detailed here and here.

  1. H. Thomas Wells, Jr. [email protected]
    , who is the ABA's president-elect for 2009. 

Note: Ironically, H. Thomas Wells' office is located in Birmingham, Alabama, home of EWTN:

Maynard, Cooper & Gale

2400 Regions/Harbert Plaza

1901 Sixth Avenue North

Birmingham, AL 35203

ph. 205-254-1062 (main office is 254-1000)

It is long past time for Catholics, particularly those in positions of authority, to stand up and play hardball on the subject of Catholics who claim to be pro-life but condone abortion by their alliances with certain national entities, such as the ABA, that are blatantly pro-abortion. Now is the time to turn the tide!