Laughable Or Extremely Sad? You Decide!

During a press conference earlier this week, Nancy Fortier Paltell, who is with the Respect Life office of the Maryland Catholic Conference, told the media that human embryonic research should be abandoned because truly positive results were coming from work with adult and cord blood stem cells.

In response, the pro-death Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice said that Nancy's comments were "laughable." Continuing her tirade, Marjorie Signer, RCRC's spokesman, said: "As for doing medical research from stem cells of the embryos that have been created for in vitro fertilization that are going to be thrown away, discarded, and never used, we think you have to look at reality and weigh competing goods."

And there's the rub! These little embryonic children are viewed as "goods," and their body parts, which is precisely what stem cells are, are viewed as useful material, even if using them results in direct killing.

Isn't it a shame that so many in the culture view embryonic children, not to mention all preborn children, as mere commodities to be kept, used or trashed?