Killing should never be the goal

News analysis of the Terri Schiavo case continues to bend my brain cells. When I read that the majority of American people do not support denying nutrition and hydration (food and water) to a severely disabled person who is not terminally ill and who has no advance directive, two things occurred to me.

The first is obvious: whether or not you are terminally ill, starvation will kill you. Why does it matter whether a person is terminally ill or disabled? Killing by starvation is the same in both cases. It is a crime.

Second, nobody should be able to sign a document that places another conscientious human being in the untenable situation of having to kill you! That is why American Life League developed the Loving Will. Our role on this planet is to affirm the sanctity of life, not create caveats for the willful slaying a human being.

Terri Schiavo died because the public was not only fed erroneous information but because many people believe they, or their surrogate, have a right to impose death. Wrong!