Keeping hope when all seems hopeless

By Rey Flores

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes at the end of the day, I just seem to run out of air. I feel like someone has taken the wind out of me and the world’s problems have become too much to bear.

The news media continually reports about all of these frightful things such as Christians being systematically exterminated in the Middle East, or the developing and seemingly manufactured Ebola crisis that has so many people worrying unnecessarily.

Then there’s the constant barrage of social upheaval where each day a new state declares war on traditional marriage by allowing homosexuals to supposedly get married in their state courts. 

Transgender bathrooms are also the latest rage among the radical elements in society. They want to destroy all that is good, decent, and moral in our nation. Children and women can’t even use a public restroom in many places without the real and ugly threat of some twisted and perverted man in a dress lurking in the stall right next to them.

Then of course there are the constant attacks on life itself by the relentless pro-abortion advocates and providers who perform every possible verbal contortion and have wordsmiths creating all sorts of new, more palatable messages, merely to justify and perpetuate the murder of so many preborn children.

What is it that drives so many people in our world to bring even more evil into our lives? The better question is: Who is driving us into so much evil?

The ravaging storms of evil are here and there is no escaping them. This is where we must take the most powerful weapons of all to not only protect ourselves from absolute insanity, but to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Prayer is a mighty weapon, if not the mightiest of all.

Now is the time to choose a side, because there is no more time to waste. Not only lives, but eternal souls are counting on us to lead them to Christ. Let us pray fervently for each other in these difficult times.

Rey Flores is the director of outreach for American Life League. E-mail Rey at [email protected]