Kansas Attorney General True To Form

When the news hit that Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison had threatened psychiatrist Paul McHugh if he continued to discuss his work regarding the alleged ongoing investigation of abortionist George Tiller, I was not at all surprised.

Morrison made his sympathy for abortionists well known two years ago when he consistently attacked former Kansas AG Phill Kline for what he termed "abuse of office." Kline had launched an investigation into the activities of late-term abortionist George Tiller, and Morrison claimed that the investigation was out of line.

It has been said that Morrison also received campaign support from Tiller's political action committee. Nonetheless, it boggles my mind to read the Morrison letter threatening McHugh.

In the letter, Morrison alleges "your continued public statements in this case threaten our ongoing investigation and the ability to bring criminal charges."

But the real concern Morrison has is that the doctor's continued public comments are bringing attention to the fact that aborted women suffer terribly when they finally address the tragic action they have taken by aborting their own children. My humble opinion is that Morrison has no desire whatsoever to actually find Tiller guilty of any crime, but would do all he could to silence those who know the truth and and are making it known.

What makes me so suspicious? Dr. McHugh made it clear, the day before the Morrison letter, that nobody from Attorney General Morrison's office had ever contacted him even though when Kline was handling the case, McHugh had been scheduled to testify against the abortionist Tiller. That makes no sense–if Morrison is really trying to investigate Tiller.

Rather than continuing that investigation, it would appear from the public record that now Attorney General Morrison will go to any length possible to keep the truth regarding late term abortion from the very people who need to hear it–even to the point of threatening highly respected people like Dr. McHugh.

What a sad day for Kansas; what a tragic day for expectant mothers and their preborn babies.