Justice for all, born and preborn

Proclaiming the message that a Supreme Court justice should interpret the constitution strictly, American Life League will gather activists outside of the Supreme Court building today, Monday, January 9, as confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito begin.

"Judge Alito's previous decisions have demonstrated his record of being a strict Constitutional constructionist – exactly what is needed on the Supreme Court," said David Bereit, executive director of American Life League. Bereit added, "American Life League is calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to conduct swift and dignified hearings, and to allow the full Senate an up-or-down vote to confirm his nomination. Since the Constitution of the United States does not afford any 'right' to abortion, it is crucial to our nation's future to confirm a justice who will strictly interpret the document as it was written."

Pro-life activists will gather outside of the Supreme Court building at 9:00 a.m. to serve as a reminder of the important role the rights of the preborn will play in the confirmation of the next Supreme Court justice. "We are praying that Judge Alito's confirmation will restore justice in our land and help to save the lives of untold numbers of preborn children."

In addition to Monday's event, American Life League is encouraging citizens to sign a petition urging senators to approve Judge Alito's appointment. The petition can be signed at www.ApproveAlito.com.