Judge Bork, you are a genius

With all the commentary, articles, analyses and "big brothers" like Bill O'Reilly lookin' out for us, it was surely a pleasure to read a down to earth, actually serious analysis of what the Supreme Court is and what it must become. Judge Robert H. Bork characterizes the writings of the late Justice Harry Blackmun as "vaporings." He advises the reader that most of the justices on the Supreme Court have already departed from the original understanding of the principles of the Constitution. And he so eloquently sums it all up in these words: "To restore the Court's integrity will require a minimum of three appointments of men and women who have so firm an understanding of the judicial function that they will not drift left once on the bench. Choosing, and fighting for, the right man or woman to replace Justice O'Connor is the place to start. That will be difficult, but the stakes are the legitimate scope of self-government and an end to judicially imposed moral disorder."

WOW! God bless Judge Bork. To read his entire commentary, please see Their will be done.