Join the Bus Tour to Defund Planned Parenthood at a Stop near You

Students for Life of America and Alliance Defending Freedom will host a bus tour to call attention to the need to defund Planned Parenthood. Below is their 11-day schedule. Contact either organization for exact times and places.

Day One – Monday, November 30: State Capitol, Sacramento, CA; Planned Parenthoods in Vallejo, CA; San Jose, CA; Gilroy, CA

Day Two – Tuesday, December 1: Planned Parenthoods in Pasadena, CA; Riverside, CA; Santa Ana, CA; El Cajon, CA

Day Three – Wednesday, December 2: State Capitol, Phoenix, AZ, and Alliance Defending Freedom in Scottsdale, AZ

Day Four – Thursday, December 3: Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque, NM 

Day Five – Friday, December 4: State Capitol, Austin, TX, and Planned Parenthoods in Fort Worth, TX; San Antonio, TX

Day Six – Saturday, December 5: Planned Parenthood in Houston, TX, and State Capitol in Baton Rouge, LA

Day Seven – Sunday, December 6: Planned Parenthoods in New Orleans, LA; Hattiesburg, MS; Mobile, AL

Day Eight – Monday, December 7: State Capitol, Tallahassee, FL

Day Nine – Tuesday, December 8: State Capitol, Columbia, SC; Planned Parenthood in Fayetteville, NC; State Capitol, Raleigh, NC

Day Ten – Wednesday, December 9: State Capitol in Richmond, VA; US Capitol; Washington, DC

Day Eleven – Thursday, December 10: State Capitol in Charleston, WV; State Capitol in Columbus, OH