Join the ALL Associate Program: A pro-life army for life

August 27, 2014 09:00 AM

By Rey Flores

If there’s one thing that anyone who has served in active duty in the military can say, it is that you cannot stand alone in the battlefield. No one man is sent to do battle alone. That is why armies fight wars.

American Life League fights the war against evil daily—and we do not do this alone. We are blessed to network with several national and international pro-life organizations as allies to do battle against the culture of death, but none make us prouder than the grassroots, frontline Associates in our growing ALL Associate Program. 

Throughout the country, ALL Associates receive American Life League’s support through online and printed educational resources; expert speakers; and access to me, Rey Flores—director of outreach, who is available 24/7 to provide Associates with just about any support they need.

The ALL Associate Program has some of the best pro-life leaders, prayer warriors, crisis pregnancy center service providers, sidewalk counselors, and researchers out there. I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting with them personally in the frontlines where they do battle every day.

Some of our ALL Associates include Pro-Life Wisconsin, Pro-Life Waco, Expectant Mother Care /Frontline Pregnancy Centers in NYC, Children of God for Life, SURVIVORS in L.A., AMEN (Abortion Must End Now) in Arizona, Idaho Chooses Life, and over 100 others!

My favorite visits of all have been to many of our crisis pregnancy centers like A&A Alexandrina Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where I have seen some of the most dedicated pro-life people, usually working with shoestring budgets and volunteer staffs, but always there for the women, babies, and men when they are in most need of help.

If you are not an ALL Associate already, I invite you to join us. It costs you nothing, you get a fifty dollar credit each month to order resources from our website, you receive our exclusive weekly ALL Associate e-newsletter with exclusive content you won’t get anywhere else, and best of all, you become part of the fastest-growing, strongest pro-life network of no exceptions, no compromise pro-life organizations in America.

For more information and to download your application forms today, visit our ALL Associate Program web page, or contact Rey Flores at 540-907-5825 or .

Rey Flores is the director of outreach for American Life League. E-mail Rey at [email protected].

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