Join The Action: Be A Part Of The Nationwide Pill Kills Protests

Since the early 1960’s most medical professionals have known that the birth control pill can kill preborn children. Now, as we approach the 43rd Anniversary of the United States Supreme Court decision Griswold v. Connecticut that wiped out all laws designed to protect Americans from the side effects of birth control in general, American Life League has taken up the mantle of leading grassroots Americans across the country in a protest against the pill.

Before I tell you how irate our opponents are about this latest activity and our staff who are bubbling with excitement around American Life League headquarters, let me give a little history lesson about that particular Supreme Court decision. A little-known fact is that it was this decision that created, for the first time in American jurisprudence, a right to privacy in matters of intimate sexual relations. It was in Griswold v. Connecticut that the Supreme Court defined a "right to privacy" in marital relations as emanating from the penumbra of decisions relating to the meaning of the words within the various amendments to the United States Constitution.

Yes, what I have just told you is true and extremely confusing if not downright stupid. But I did not write the decision.

In his dissent, Justice Stewart, who had no problem with birth control per se, said this about the Constitution of the United States and the Griswold decision:

Since 1879 Connecticut has had on its books a law which forbids the use of contraceptives by anyone. I think this is an uncommonly silly law. As a practical matter, the law is obviously unenforceable, except in the oblique context of the present case. As a philosophical matter, I believe the use of contraceptives in the relationship of marriage should be left to personal and private choice, based upon each individual's moral, ethical and religious beliefs. As a matter of social policy, I think professional counsel about methods of birth control should be available to all, so that each individual's choice can be meaningfully made. But we are not asked in this case to say whether we think this law is unwise, or even asinine. We are asked to hold that it violates the United States Constitution. And that I cannot do.

So from the very beginning the Griswold decision raised concerns among those who felt that the framers of the Constitution did indeed know precisely what they meant, and that they never intended for the Constitution to be interpreted to affect how birth control or abortion was legally treated in this country. But, as history has shown, political activist judges did not agree in 1965 and they do not agree today. The Griswold decision, in my opinion, was instigated by Dr. Griswold, a Planned Parenthood physician, to set the stage for decriminalizing abortion just eight short years later. It was, in essence, Planned Parenthood’s greatest victory.

But I digress!

In a few days The Pill Kills protests will take place in cities across the nation. Today American Life League premiered our latest video news report with the subject The Pill Kills.

And just today the National Organization for Women issued an alert, or should I say, an all-out attack on The Pill Kills events. They are, in a word, desperate. Their screed, "Expose the Lies: Protect Birth Control," is accompanied by a "fact sheet" and other hype. The real blessing in all this is, of course, that those who have been lying to women for the last 43 plus years simply cannot comprehend the idea that the facts about the pill are finally going to be told, shared and otherwise spread across the nation.

No wonder they are so distraught.

Perhaps this is why the pro-abortion, anti-family NOW says,

Birth Control Doesn't Intervene with Pregnancy, it Prevents it. Combination birth control pills function to prevent pregnancy by delivering a daily dose of two hormones, estrogen and progestin. These hormones stop the release of an egg from a woman's ovaries, eliminating the chance that an egg would join with sperm. These hormones also cause a woman's cervical mucus to thicken, blocking any sperm from joining an egg.

NOW conveniently leaves out the third mode of action of the pill which is to irritate the lining of the uterus so that the embryonic child cannot implant and therefore dies. The architects of the culture of death haven’t stopped deceiving people, even though the scientific evidence is mounting. They cannot afford to tell the truth because if they did, women would no longer invest in one of the most lucrative pharmaceutical discoveries of the past century!

But perhaps the most telling statement on the NOW "fact sheet" is this one: "Birth Control is one Component of Reproductive Freedom."

What exactly is reproductive freedom?

The American Civil Liberties Union says reproductive freedom is "everyone's right to make informed decisions free from government interference about whether and when to become a parent."

Or to put it another way, every person should have the right, with legal protection, to kill their babies before birth if they have chosen not to become a parent at the time they discover they are with child. Everyone has the right to ingest chemicals that will remove the possibility of the preborn child growing. Everyone has the right to be free of responsibility and free of moral guidelines when it comes to human sexuality.

To put it succinctly: Everyone should have the right to do evil regardless of the harm done.

This is the situation in America today; American Life League is striving to change it! But we need you!
We need you to get active and do something now.  Please plan to be part of The Pill Kills protests on Saturday, June 7. Decide today to join thousands all across the nation – your fellow Americans who love life and want to tell the truth about the fact that the pill kills. They will be out in force protesting and hopefully you will be too.

Complete details including maps showing where protests are taking place can be found at