It’s Not Hurting Anyone Else!

It’s Not Hurting Anyone Else!

By Judie Brown

This past weekend Democrat senator Charles Schumer discussed legalizing marijuana at the federal level. During the interview he said: “If smoking marijuana doesn’t hurt anybody else, why shouldn’t we allow people to do it and not make it criminal?”

This struck me as particularly inane since we know that drug abuse of any kind is unsafe and can ultimately hurt many more people than just the user himself.

However, Schumer, like so many other elected officials, media types, and cultural elites, has a skewed view of respect for the human person on every level. For example, Schumer argues in favor of Planned Parenthood, even going so far as to allege that Planned Parenthood’s “services” can stop the spread of the Zika virus! Indeed, Schumer frequently parrots Planned Parenthood’s drivel on a number of topics, even repeating the debunked claim that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms and “maternity care.”

Good Lord! No wonder he has no problem with human beings abusing their bodies by using dangerous drugs that he wants to protect by law. It’s all part of the same old and tired argument that “nobody else is being hurt,” which of course we know is a lie.

The truth, though hard for folks like Schumer to comprehend, is that in an abortion the baby dies and the expectant mother will suffer the consequences of being the mother of a dead child rather than a living child.

The truth about marijuana (cannabis) is that those who use the drug can die and can be responsible for killing others. This tragic scenario will continue if Schumer has his way. According to Dr. James Avery: “Marijuana has killed and will kill people the same way alcohol kills people when someone drives drunk. Marijuana-related traffic deaths increased 92 percent from 2010 to 2014 in Colorado while all traffic fatalities in the same period rose only 8 percent.”

So just like aborting a child kills one person and destroys others, so too can this awful drug.

What is wrong with those who cannot see this truth? My opinion is that such people have lost sight of the fact that “every life is a gift from God our Creator and that we must give an account to God of how we use it, either for good or evil.”

This is a truth that will never change. There is no such thing as thinking that our actions will not hurt anyone else. Such statements are fraught with error, danger, and sheer disregard for human dignity.

In the United States today, “one nation under God” has become one nation devoted to ignoring respect for the sanctity of life in deference to political agendas, self-absorption, and disdain for the natural law.

Abortion hurts entire families, just as drug addiction hurts entire families. As St. John Paul II so aptly taught: “No man is an iceberg drifting on the ocean of history. Each one of us belongs to a great family, in which he has his own place and his own role to play.”

Self-destructive actions always hurt others, not to mention the actor himself.

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