Intentional Confusion

Senator Bill First has said that there will be open debate this summer on the variety of stem cell research bills currently before the Senate. The most confusing among them, to my mind, is Senate Bill 2754, sponsored by Pennsylvania senators Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum.

HELLO? Yes, that's right.  The pro-abortist and the pro-lifer, co-sponsoring a bill, a very dangerous bill. The Specter/Santorum proposal would permit development of techniques to derive pluripotent stem cell lines from sources that allegedly would not require the killing of a human embryo. 

However the Bill addresses techniques outlined by the President's Council on Bioethics, and as we know, those techniques, including Altered Nuclear Transfer-Oocyte-Assisted Reprogramming , have potentially serious problems. In an excellent paper, Concerns about the moral implications, a bioethicist, Father Joseph Howard, and a human embryologist, Professor C. Ward Kischer, set forth every single reason why any pro-lifer worth his or her salt should not be happy about the Santorum/Specter effort.