Indiana Planned Parenthood says it will close 7 facilities without federal bucks

Planned Parenthood of Indiana was in federal court Monday attempting to get an injunction against the withholding of $3 million in Medicaid funds from the abortion giant. Joining Planned Parenthood in the attempt to continue to force to people of Indiana to pay for other people's contraceptives and abortions was none other than the ACLU.

The federal judge hearing the case is an Obama appointee. She said she will rule by July 1. Donald Berwick, the head of the federal Medicaid program, said last week that Indiana's law is illegal.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana filed an affidavit in the case saying it will close seven of its 28 Indiana facilities if the injunction is not granted. The facilities it says it will close are in Bedford, Hammond, Michigan City, New Albany, Terre Haute and two in Indianapolis.

Planned Parenthood has been boasting that it has raised enough funds privately to continue operation of all the facilities through June 15.

Planned Parenthood's affidavit is a case in point of the extent of Planned Parenthood's reliance upon government funding to survive. Go to our website today,, to find out how to stop Planned Parenthood funding at the local level.

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