Incompatible Ideologies

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that I'm out of step with the rest of the world. And boy, am I glad! It's not just me, either. Everyone who fully embraces a pro-life philosophy, in fact, has absolutely nothing in common with those arbiters of popular culture who espouse a philosophy of personal pleasure above all else.

How are pro-lifers out of step? Well, pro-life people welcome babies. We avoid all manner of birth control. We make a point of telling people, every chance we get, that many of the most commonly used methods of birth control occasionally result in the death of preborn children.

That does indeed put us very far out of step with those who work very hard to sustain ready access to abortion, contraception and sterilization – that is, practically anything (including the death of preborn children) that will render sex void of any possibility of a child being born.

I thought about that as I was looking through an old newspaper, the July 8, 2005 edition of the Washington Times, and this prominent headline nearly knocked me off my chair: "Record 5 million visit family planning clinics."  I actually thought to myself, "How weird is that!"

"Family planning clinics" are portrayed as noble ventures, but in reality they are professional establishments operated by people who buy into the Planned Parenthood mentality, which relies heavily on the theory that only "wanted" children are a blessing. Planned Parenthood believes it is “ensuring the provision of comprehensive reproductive and complementary health care services in settings that preserve and protect the essential privacy and rights of each individual.”

These words speak volumes. To Planned Parenthood, individual self-satisfaction requires that each person determine when or whether a child will be conceived, and if a child is conceived and deemed "unwanted," this quest for individual self-satisfaction permits one to snuff out that child's life. However, it's actually the "voluntary" aspect of the so-called right to privacy that is at the core of the Planned Parenthood mindset.

According to the Planned Parenthood ideologues, a "right to privacy," as it relates to sexual matters, means you are only really fulfilled as a person if you can have sex whenever, wherever and with whomever you please, while taking all steps necessary to prevent or eliminate the existence of a child who might be conceived, due to this obsession with “reproductive self-determination.” Over the past 36 years of decriminalized abortion, we have lost at least 50 million American citizens to the "reproductive self-determination" crowd.

We know that sexually transmitted disease rates are on the rise as well, because wherever you have “reproductive self-determination,” you usually find promiscuity. This leads to sexually transmitted disease, which leads to yet another reason to visit the family planning clinic. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

There was a recent news report on the damage done by illegal immigrants currently in the United States. And while the author is discussing the amount of money it will take the government to fix problems created by illegal immigrants, I can't help but wonder if we should instead be grateful that they are here.

Children born in the United States are, by law, U.S. citizens. This will, at the very least, thwart attempts to deport their parents, who are not U.S. citizens. The existence of these children will eventually help immigrants who are parents of native-born U.S. citizens apply for permanent citizenship themselves. Thus we can expect immigrants to have even more children.

In fact, let’s pray that they do! It’s in our own best interest.

Without the healthy birthrates of various immigrant populations, the United States would be shrinking. That’s because, as the experts note, business is booming at family planning clinics, where thousands of Americans are seeking ways to avoid bearing (or carrying) children.

So, while we might ponder the wonder of this land of the free experiencing an influx of millions wanting to be Americans, having their children on our soil and celebrating their freedom, we must also contemplate what a sad state of affairs it would be for our nation if these people had never arrived here. Without their presence, the personal pleasure gurus could have very well succeeded in their quest to rob this country of our greatest asset: our children.

But it is my fervent hope that we Americans, as a nation, will never turn our backs on immigrants the way we have turned our backs on preborn children. Human beings should never be viewed as unwanted or inconvenient, regardless of their place of origin or location (including the womb).

Suffice it to say, if those immigrants had not come to our borders with their families and their hopes for even more children, "reproductive self-determination" would be turning the United States of America into a country with a declining population, well on its way to extinction. And all those who are fixated on their own personal pleasure wouldn't notice until it was far, far too late.