In Vogue

I just finished reading an article in the July issue of Vogue magazine. The article is about Cecile Richards, current president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. And no, the article is not online.

It is one of the most cleverly written articles I have read. The article makes Ms. Richards sound like a reasonable, well-intentioned lady who happens to enjoy being a mother and is in favor of all women making their own decisions on when to have or not have a baby.

The problem is that the article also explains that Richards had an abortion, which of course she has chosen not to discuss. However, that does make Richards the mother of a dead child as well. So her extolling motherhood rings a bit hollow to me.

The article also fails, of course, to address the underlying deadly philosophy of the organization Richards leads. In fact upon reading the article, the unsuspecting reader would be certain that Planned Parenthood is the greatest organization to ever come along and protect women from the zealots who oppose abortion.

It is so troubling to realize that it is this type of article that persuades Americans that abortion really is about choice when in fact we know that abortion is an act that murders a preborn child. Sad as it is to accept, the culture actually welcomes fluff and falsehood that makes it feel good about doing something as evil as aborting a baby.

If you want to read a similar article about Richards, that gives the same sort of disgusting image, try the March 24 Washington Post offering, “Cecile Richards: Planned Parenthood’s Choice Leader.”