In This Month’s Hoopla Over Teen Pregnancy, Know the Facts

In This Month’s Hoopla Over Teen Pregnancy, Know the Facts

May is “Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month,” and we can all expect to be bombarded with messages that our children need to be “responsible” when they engage in sexual activity. Just this week, a CNN article blamed parents for the fact that teenagers don’t use birth control as frequently as the birth control industry thinks they should. The article quoted a survey taken by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. That survey reportedly found that 68 percent of teens said they agreed with the statement that the primary reason why they don’t use birth control or protection is because they’re afraid their parents will find out.

Of course, nowhere is it mentioned that teens should not be having sex—with or without protection. While the birth control industry wants all kids to have sex and to use its products, most parents know the truth. Teenagers should not be engaging in sexual activity. The survey quoted above should be an encouragement to parents. Your teens do care what you think. Although they will try to test your limits and some will engage in wrong activity, parents can make a difference—if they are willing to take a firm stand. You should also know that Planned Parenthood did a survey back in the 1990s concerning which activities by teens were most likely to lead to them not getting pregnant. The answer, much to PP’s chagrin, was not using birth control, but was weekly church attendance. If we teach our children what God expects of them, they win.

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In all the hype over teen pregnancy this month, we want our readers to know the truth. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (a government agency) 57 percent of teens aged 15 to 19 have NEVER had sex. That’s correct. In addition, it should be noted that the 43 percent who have had sex at least once are 18 and 19 years old. They are not in high school and may even be married. In all the hoopla over birth control and comprehensive sex education, the fact is that most teens simply do not engage in sexual behavior.

The proponents of all the programs you will hear about in the news this month are bellowing because they want you and everyone else to think something must be done to curb the teen pregnancy problem. But, they are trying to solve the problems of a few by forcing dangerous programs on everyone. Don’t fall for it. Learn the facts. Applaud our mostly abstinent teens and their parents. They are the teens nobody is talking about.