Images Show Why We Need Planned Parenthood Out of Schools

April 20, 2018 09:00 AM

Planned Parenthood likes to say that abortion is a private matter between a woman and her doctor, but when it comes to teaching children, that’s a private matter between a child and her sex instructor.

Sensible parents know that introducing children to discussions about sex is a decision best left to them and not to a school administrator. But Planned Parenthood needs to indoctrinate children into sexual deviancy today so that they become customers tomorrow. To accomplish this, Planned Parenthood saturates its messages with vile images wrapped in a message of “education.” 

It’s disgusting, and parents of public school students are outraged that Planned Parenthood repeatedly tries to insinuate itself into schools without their knowledge. In fact, parents are so infuriated that a national #SexEdSitOut has been organized to encourage other parents to pull their children out of public school on Monday, April 23.

If you’re not already aware of Planned Parenthood’s sexual content, we’ve posted a sample below. If you want other parents to know why Planned Parenthood is disgusting, please click the Share button, but do so discreetly.  Your children's and grandchildren’s innocence is on the line.


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