Illinois Lawmakers Deceive

A bill that has just passed the Illinois state legislature and awaits the governor's signature once again defies logic and deceives the public. Senate Bill 4 permits funding for human embryonic stem cell research and permits "therpaeutic cloning" while banning "reproductive cloning."

First, the bill permits the direct killing of embryonic children for the purpose of extracting their stem cells.  Second the bill draws the false distinction between two types of human cloning, neither of which are moral. In fact the bill permits "clone and kill" policies to exist in the state, thus offending once again the sanctity of innocen human life.

One has to wonder why it is that politicians cannot face the truth and admit in clear terms that they have no problem killing the most vulnerable in our midst.  I wish that each lawmaker would take the time to simply review the basic scientific facts as set for so eloquently by Professor Dianne Irving in her seminal work, Playing God by Manipulating Man: The facts and frauds of human cloning.

One has to believe that the reason lawmakers have been blinded to the truth regarding the sanctity of life is because money has become the political god. What a shame for the innocents who will die at the hands of those who honor money rather than God, the Author of life.