I’ll take one of those, please, not one of these

Baylor College of Medicine in Texas is going to run a clinical trial that will invite couples to participate in a social experiment that permits them to choose the sex of the baby they want to have. Think I'm kidding? Not at all.

You see, according to Paula Amato, one of the doctors running the trial, choosing sex to balance families is less ethically problematic. "Most of the ethical arguments against sex selection, for example sex discrimination, are weakened when it is reserved only for the purposes of gender variety."

All I can think of as I read this news report is the practice of going to the grocery story and selecting various types of lettuce so that my salad will look inviting to guests. But children are not varieties of vegetables, and the entire idea of locating their value on which sex they happen to be is the height of arrogance.

Another fruit of the culture of death? Yes, and another aspect of the immoral in vitro fertilization industry that nobody wants to oppose.