Humanae Vitae Priests

From the first moment I met Father Tom Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, I knew there was something incredibly special about him. He is totally devoted to Catholic teaching. A few years ago when he made a presentation to an American Life League national conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, he brought the house down. His genuine holiness, humility and dedication to spreading the good news, especially about Humanae Vitae, have won him admiration and appreciation around the world.

So I really should not have been too surprised when he announced the formation of a new organization called Humanae Vitae Priests. The announcement comes as we prepare to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical, Humanae Vitae.

Right there on the Humanae Vitae Priests home page another unbelievably inspiring priest is featured in a photo with Pope Paul VI – his name is Father Paul Marx, OSB. He founded Human Life International and has since retired, but he certainly has no worries about his legacy being carried on.

Father Paul Marx has said so often over the many years that he and I have been friends, "You cannot be truly pro-life unless you oppose contraception."

I agree with that completely. As I wrote several years ago in Celebrate Life:

I remember the first time I met Father Paul Marx. He was working at the Human Life Center in Minnesota and had sent me an article he had written entitled "Are You Really Pro-Life?" The article changed my life.

Father Marx was the first person to point out to me, in black and white, the reasons why the contraceptive mentality and the practice of contraception always leads to aborting babies. Always! No exceptions. And he has traveled to more than 70 countries to prove it!

And now, at long last, we are witnessing the fruits of Father Marx’ unyielding commitment to that truth in the unveiling of Humanae Vitae Priests. And it could not have come a moment too soon as far as I am concerned. We welcome this effort and are so grateful to Father Euteneuer for making it happen.
When you visit the web site you are going to find an incredible wealth of helpful material. I have to say that one of my favorites is the article by Father Don Blickhan.

I like this piece for a number of reasons, the most important among them being that it reveals how a Catholic priest can teach with boldness and at charity at the same time. Father Blickhan sets forth the very concepts that we at American Life League know are true. In fact we have been asking priests to think about and speak about these very subjects for many years.

In the article, Father Blickhan says:

Over the years I had evolved in my preaching style. Perhaps it was because I was tired of hearing the same old sermons that I decided to place an emphasis on the basics, the fundamentals that we rarely talked about anymore.

I began to talk about sin, grace, salvation, hell, Satan, angels. Some said it was the first time they had ever heard a sermon on hell or on angels. They loved it!

And as if that isn’t inspiring enough, he continues:

There is a hunger in the people. When a person tastes a fine recipe, he relishes it. When a dish is not palatable he pushes it away. "No thank you!"

Over the past few years, I have noticed that when people hear the Truth, not only do they listen, but they begin to get excited about their Faith, and they want to learn more. Some have asked for book suggestions, one even began a master's program in theology.

What a blessing it is to read these words written by a Catholic priest.

The rest of his commentary will be uplifting to you in every way, so please take the time to read it and savor his words. He is expressing what, in my view, should be the focus of every Catholic priest who takes the pulpit and has the opportunity to help others see and live truth.

It has been our experience at American Life League that the truth always has a way of enlightening as well as inspiring those who hear it. And now we are going to hear from priests who are committed to this principle and willing to write about it, speak about it and will as a result bring souls to Christ by their zeal.

In case you have not noticed, I am wildly ecstatic about Humanae Vitae Priests; I am sure you will be as well. Their message, American Life League’s message and the Catholic Church’s teaching all agree: The only way to end abortion is to expose the evil of contraception and encourage people never to practice it again.

There is no doubt that contraception is the root cause of abortion. It engenders a mentality that denies the value of children and focuses instead on the instant gratification that comes from divorcing man from the beauty of God’s design for marriage. And now we are going to hear about it more and more from Humanae Vitae Priests!