Hope Rises

Hope Rises

News outlets have covered pro-life stories rather extensively this week. A simple Google search yields a plethora of them replete with commentary and speculation. Having been involved in the pro-life movement for many years, I understand that politicians in election cycles toss the pro-life cause back and forth as if it were a political football. Pro-life candidates often promise to fight abortion while simultaneously compromising their alleged pro-life position, much like pro-abortion candidates promise to stand for a woman’s right to choose her own healthcare while simultaneously supporting legislation that limits a woman’s practical healthcare choices.

While politics may prove a useful tool, changing hearts and minds—and properly forming the youth—will ultimately win this fight. There are signs of hope despite the seemingly ubiquitous darkness. For example, the Center for Medical Progress continues to expose Planned Parenthood by releasing videos that show Planned Parenthood’s gruesome and illegal practices.

Another example of this hope can be found here at American Life League where those in our Life Defenders program continue to engage a younger demographic with the pro-life message.

Sadly, as we well know, faith communities are susceptible to contamination and corruption. Recent news about Methodist ministers joining pro-abortion ranks—allegedly “blessing” abortion slaughterhouses—can be discouraging; however, some hope can be found in this denomination’s dwindling numbers as believers abandon these leaders who, by their politically motivated words and deeds, have abandoned the Gospel.

Bolstered by the strongest life-affirming theology, the Catholic community also struggles as it leads the way for other faith communities. For example, reports reveal that University of Notre Dame officials have succumbed to pressure by offering students “healthcare” that includes contraceptive and abortion coverage while they inconsistently pursue a lawsuit in which they seek exemption from the Obamacare mandate. Where is the sign of hope here in the face of such contradictory turmoil? Despite the faltering of Notre Dame’s officials, the Cardinal Newman Society reports that the Notre Dame campus demonstrates an increasingly pro-life character in which there is a renewal of interest and resolve in favor of the pro-life cause.

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All around us, we see signs of hope. Don’t sit idly by. Be a part of that hope.