Holy Family Hospital Turns No Mother Away

Holy Family Hospital Turns No Mother Away

By Lori Hadacek Chaplin

On the holiest of nights, door after door slammed shut in the faces of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her loving spouse, St. Joseph. Imagine the mounting anxiety Our Lady must have felt not knowing where she would deliver the Savior. No expecting mother should face rejection in her greatest hour of need.

Understanding this, Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem—located just 1,500 steps from Christ’s birthplace—offers medical care to every mother without exception.

A pro-life, Catholic teaching hospital run by the Order of Malta, Holy Family treats Christian and Muslim women alike. It also delivers babies free of charge if a family cannot afford to pay.

Bethlehem, the most Christian governorate of Palestine, is also the poorest, and it has the highest unemployment rate because of job scarcity. The hospital subsidizes the cost of birth, even asking the more fiscally stable parents to only pay half of the hospital’s fee to avoid financially burdening them.

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