Hillary Hilarity

Senator Clinton has finally outdone herself, proclaiming that a fight to protect a woman's "right to make her own decisions abouther rerpodcutive health" is more important than ever. Senator Clinton claims that her goal is to assure that women do not become pregnant, and she suggests that higher levels of funding for birth control will make that dream become a reality.

Senator Clinton's statement, Clinton and Lowey Announce Congressional Resolution to Strengthen Family Planning Services for Women, goes on to perpetuate the myth that because low-income women do not have access to birth control, they become unintentionally pregnant more frequently. She does not, of course, distinguish the marital status of the women for whom she is speaking, nor does she admit that the most popular forms of birth control do abort children.

In fact, she urges her colleagues, from both sides of the aisle, to join with her "in ensuring all women have the family planning services they need, so that together we can help to decrease the amount of unintended pregnancies."

In other words, the fewer babies the better; the less self sacrifice the better; the more tax payer dollars we can pour down the Planned Parenthood rat-hole the better. 

I have to add on a personal note that it grieves me to see so many on both sides of the aisle refer to babies with negative adjectives such as unplanned, unintended and unwanted. The only negative thing about a preborn child is the parents who refuse to admit there is a baby in the first place.