Hillary, Catholics And Gridlock

When I heard that Hillary Clinton was headlining a fundraiser in Illinois for the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, the shock and horror of it irritated me, then it made me angry and then it disgusted me. That is where I am right now — totally disgusted.

Joe Scheidler is reported to have contact the "powers that be" and he was told that nobody in authority found out about it until it was "too late" and nothing could be done!

Well, excuse me, and I mean no disrespect, but that's like telling someone "I saw two people crossing the street and though I was a block away there was nothing I could do to stop my car so I hit them."

Give me a break! I am writing this blog on Thursday, the 3rd of May. Hillary is not scheduled to appear until Monday, the 7th of May. There is plenty of time for Cardinal George to simply say NO! Period, end of story.

But as someone who has been down that road with him before, all I can say is that the tragic set of circumstances in Chicago is not surprising. 

However, if you are reading this you can make a difference despite the gridlock in the offices of the Archdiocese of Chicago. You can call Joe Scheidler, tell him that you will either join him as he protests the event or call friends in Chicago who can. Here are the details:

Monday, May 7, at the Hilton and Towers on South Michigan. Protest will  begin at 11 am. For details call 773-777-2900.

Oh yes, and say a prayer for Cardinal Francis George, please.