HHS Mandate Strips Catholic Freedom and Human Dignity

Individual conscience of Americans replaced by edict with Obama's values:  A.L.L.

(Stafford, VA) — Statement by Judie Brown, president of American Life League, regarding the HHS mandate:

Every single Bishop in the US has condemned Obama’s contraceptives and abortion mandate. The bishops oppose the mandate because it is a violation of religious liberty under the First Amendment.  But, this is not all it violates.

It violates the right of faithful Catholics to refuse to participate in acts which are defined by the Church as immoral.  It violates every person of faith. It violates the rights of every American citizen.

The Rev. John A. Leies, SM, STD, president emeritus of St. Mary’s University, in his opinion states “I am angry Very angry.” He reminds us that Vatican II declared, “In the depths of their conscience, men and women detect a law which they do not impose on themselves but which holds them to obedience, a law written by God; to obey it is the very dignity of men and women. According to it they will be judged.”

This is what Obama’s mandate violates. He will strip us of the dignity that obedience to God’s moral law provides. Most dangerously, he intends to wield the power of the presidency to strip the individual conscience of every American and replace it by edict with his own values.

The American Life League stands with the Bishops in their condemnation of this mandate. We stand with every American in the defense of individual freedom and dignity. The imperious arrogance of this administration threatens to undermine the foundations of our nation; the longest continuous free democracy in human history.

America stands on the razor’s edge.  We must not let Obama push us into the abyss. Together, people of good conscience, of all religions and no religion, will prevail. We must prevail.


 Media inquiries, please contact Paul E. Rondeau at 540.659.4171 or
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Media inquiries, please contact Paul E. Rondeau at 540.659.4171 or [email protected]
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American Life League, the oldest national Catholic pro-life organization in the United States, was co-founded by Judie Brown in 1979. Appointed twice by Pope John Paul II and again by Pope Benedict XVI to the Pontifical Academy forLife.  Mrs. Brown's twelfth book, The Broken Path: How Catholic Bishops Got Lost in the Weeds of American Politics is now availble.  For more information, please visit ALL.org or call 540-659-4171.