Here's How Planned Parenthood Spins Its Pending Loss of Free Money

June 1, 2018 09:00 AM

Planned Parenthood is on the verge of losing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. The Federal Title X program awards grants to entities providing family planning services, be it fertility awareness methods, pregnancy testing, or deadly hormonal birth control. With new proposed regulations about to take effect, abortion advocacy organizations will be cut off from the trough. If an organization provides abortions, it gets no Title X grants. If it has a faint whiff of advocating for abortion, it gets zero Title X grants.

That’s you, Planned Parenthood.

Granted, any dollar taken away from Planned Parenthood is progress toward its demise, but depriving it of $62 million is more of a charley horse rather than a terminal condition. Naturally the abortion corporation is having a hissy fit. It sent the following tweet, “Trump’s dangerous gag rule, explained.” Not really, though. It’s Trump’s gag rule DISTORTED:

Let’s break down this propagandistic avalanche of stupid:




Donald Trump wants to control your body. How is he going to do this? Microchips? Brain scans from secret satellites in space? Contrails? This claim is as tired and archaic as the radical feminists who engineered this trope 50 years ago. Honestly, if politicians wanted control of women’s bodies you’d think there would be documentation of this diabolical plan for female domination somewhere. Recordings from a national convention? Nah. Documents spilled by Wikileaks? Nope. It’s the stuff of tinfoil hats and it’s coming from a billion-dollar organization.



It prohibits doctors from referring patients to wild west, Gosnell-type butcher shops, too, but Planned Parenthood likes to pretend they don’t exist.




This one is so far-left field it’s hard to imagine how this claim cleared its public policy baby-haters. The gag rule prohibits Planned Parenthood from getting Title X money. That’s it. It doesn’t block anyone from going into Planned Parenthood for a prescription of abortifacient pills—and state and federal governments will subsidize it anyway.



This claim is interesting because it exposes a little dirty detail in the proposed Title X regulations. A doctor administering a Title X covered program can’t do an abortion, can’t refer to an abortion, and can’t advocate for an abortion. But he’s free to talk about abortion provided it meets the condition of “nondirective counseling”:



This rule appears to appease doctors who might feel like the government is regulating their sharing of medical knowledge. With this provision in place, doctors are free to give what they think is “full and accurate information” about abortion in a medical context. They can tell a woman how much “safer” it is than childbirth or that there’s “no evidence” of post-abortion depression. The doctor just isn’t allowed to say, “Go get yourself an abortion!”



No, it doesn’t. It means killing a baby is paid for by another method as it always has been—insurance, Medicaid, or out-of-pocket.

Exaggeration for effect is Planned Parenthood’s preferred method for scaring up support. It presents a dystopian worldview where any opposition to its mission of poisoning women and killing human beings is the end of freedom forever.

At Planned Parenthood, seven million human beings have lost their freedom already. This is seven million too many.

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