Hello, Bishop DiLorenzo?

A recent report identifies Virginia House of Delegates member Mithcell Van Yahres as pro-abortion and Catholic. He describes himself as a "pro-choice Catholic" and he is retiring from the Virginia House of Delegates after 24 years of service. This means that he has been creating scandal for the time period during which as a public figure he have credence to the lie that you can favor killing children and also be a good Catholic.

One wonders where the bishop stands on this. Shortly after the news report of September 30 was published, we looked in vain for a statement from the offices of Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo. We have not heard a word. But we have written a letter to him, asking him to review this damning article.

If Delegate Van Yahres is not reprimanded, the scandal will continue, Catholics will continue to be confused and the general public will again shrug and say, "well, I guess you can be pro-abortion and Catholic!" Please Bishop DiLorenzo, do something!