Healthy Families

In South Dakota those two words — healthy families — are fightin' words. Oh yes, I kid you not.

Pro-abortion forces in the state as well as tons of people from out of state have formed a coalition called "Campaign for Healthy Families." As you might guess, they are for all abortion, and are working to overturn the South Dakota abortion ban.

Their only real goal is to see a day when "families" have no children.

But wait. It gets worse. Planned Parenthood has revealed that it has raised more than $626,000 to fight the abortion ban by encouraging South Dakota voters to vote no on Referred Law 6.

Doesn't it just blow your mind the way these people will use deceptive language, raise money from out of state, and then plunder the state with their lies and pro-child killing philosophy?

With only four days to go before South Dakotans cast their votes, we can only hope and pray that all those good pro-life people in South Dakota are being heard so that the real truth gets out and is reflected at the end of the day on November 7.

Healthy Families? "Healthy families" has never meant killing our own children. Somebody should give Planned Parenthood a clue.