He Said What?

February 23, 2018 09:00 AM

When someone says he's been threated, you might think of clenched fists and concealed weapons—you know, things associated with imminent violence. But what if the threat didn’t have anything to do at all with violence? What if it were a threat to file a lawsuit, or to leave a relationship, or tell a child’s mommy how naughty his classroom behavior is? Then it’s not so scary.


This week Planned Parenthood brought out the scare tactics with misleading tweets meant to elicit disgust toward anyone opposed to it.

An Idaho Senator actually threatened a group of #PPGeneration activists who drove 7 HOURS to talk to him about birth control. https://t.co/dj0LHdIOwq

Really?!#Fight4BirthControl pic.twitter.com/S6o6JMR82W

— Planned Parenthood Generation Action (@PPGenAction) February 21, 2018


“Actually threatened.” Sounds scary, right? Even pro-abortion Salon got in on the scare-tactics:




So what exactly was this threat?


“Next time you walk into my office you’re going to be dealing with ISP (Idaho State Police).” That is, he threated to—


—call the police!



Kudos to an elected official for calling abortion what it is—murder. It’s a rare thing to see these days. Too often politicians describe themselves in hollow, bumper-sticker phrases like “I’m pro-life!” It’s refreshing to finally see a state senator tell a group of students brainwashed by Planned Parenthood what he really thinks about the killing of the child waiting to be born.

Actually, it’s pretty awesome.

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