Hawaii, South Dakota take opposite approaches

"While high-profile media attention has been focused on South Dakota's effort to outlaw abortion, Hawaii is quietly set to become the baby killing center of the Pacific," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League.

House Bill 1242 is predicted to pass Hawaii's state house this week and then proceed to almost certain passage in the state senate. This bill allows abortions to be performed in any doctor's office; current law requires it to be done in a hospital. Also, this bill would remove the 90-day residency period for a woman obtaining an abortion in Hawaii. Although an effort to expand legal abortion to include viable as well as non-viable babies was defeated in the house, senators may try to re-insert that provision in the bill.

"The combined effect of all of these changes will be to make Hawaii one of the quickie-abortion capitals of the world," said Brown. "One can envision mothers flying in from the continental United States, Japan and many other countries to have abortions performed in storefronts. Under this bill, baby killing facilities will be as numerous as pineapple stands as unscrupulous quacks seek to make money from the deaths of children.

"We urge Hawaii's state legislators to reject House Bill 1242 and any similar legislation," Brown said. "If this bill does make it through the legislature, it is critical for Gov. Linda Lingle to veto it. The eyes of the pro-life world are on Hawaii this week as people pray for the children there and put on hold any future Hawaiian vacation plans."