Hawaii legislator and families protest in streets as Planned Parenthood tries to force kindergarten sex ed

By Rita Diller

As Planned Parenthood tries every trick in the book to derail parents’ rights to direct the education of children in Hawaii, families are taking to the streets to send a loud, clear message: Stay out of our children’s lives!

On April 24, families dressed in white—to represent children’s innocence—marched on the capitol in opposition to mandatory sex instruction for children as young as five years old. 

Susan Duffy reports from Hawaii that the crowd included mothers, fathers, babies in strollers, and children of all ages carrying signs conveying very clear messages about Planned Parenthood’s diabolical plan for Hawaii’s children. One of the moms passed out flyers as the march moved through downtown Honolulu further explaining why they were marching. “I can’t think of anyone who wasn’t shocked and supportive [of the march] when they found out that they were wanting to teach sex ed here starting as early as kindergarten,” Duffy told STOPP. “Many of the signs were specifically directed toward Planned Parenthood and how the abortion giant has no business teaching our kids,” she said. 

Planned Parenthood is spearheading the campaign for what it calls “comprehensive sexual health education” in Hawaii, and stands to gain exponentially from that campaign via grant money and increased clientele, as well as a culture that will, it hopes, come to accept moral depravity as the standard.

The parents continue fighting against Planned Parenthood and a system that seeks to aid the abortion giant in obliterating morality and refuses to let parents be heard, turning a deaf ear to their pleas on behalf of their children. 

Hawaii State Representative Bob McDermott participated in the peaceful, prayerful, family-oriented march on the capitol. He just released Part 3 of the McDermott Report, an ongoing investigative report into the unwanted sex instruction that is being foisted on Hawaii’s schoolchildren over the overwhelming objections of parents. He explains:

Hawaii parents who hold traditional values face an assault on two fronts. 

On one front, the Hawaii State Legislature is considering H.B. 459, a bill which mandates that the State offer “Sexuality Education” starting in Kindergarten. . . . Parents have overwhelmingly testified against the bill. 

On the other front, the state of Hawaii’s full Board of Education . . . will soon consider a measure that will (1) abandon the BOE’s long-standing abstinence-based sex education policy in favor of comprehensive “Sexuality Education” and (2) nullify the Department of Education’s . . . newly adopted opt-in regulation (which requires parental permission before a child receives sexual education).

“Make no mistake about it,” Representative McDermott explains. “The purpose of ‘Sexuality Education,’ especially at young ages, is to indoctrinate children with the politically correct view of Planned Parenthood and the LGBT advocacy organizations: That homosexuality, transsexuality, and promiscuity are viable lifestyle choices that are on par with heterosexual monogamy.”

Representative McDermott has also been instrumental in the fight against the Pono Choices curriculum—tagged by parents as Porno Choices—which is being foisted on middle school students in Hawaii. Pono Choices is a joint project of the University of Hawaii and Planned Parenthood. The Pono Choices newsletter confirming the partnership between Planned Parenthood and University of Hawaii has been moved from its spot on the Internet since STOPP uncovered it in 2013. After our exposé, the Planned Parenthood partnership was swept under the rug and flatly denied. However, the newsletter is still available here. We also maintain a copy of it in our STOPP offices.

McDermott explains in his report some of the goals of Planned Parenthood and the sex education lobby, including the outrageous concept of “fluid” gender—the idea that one’s gender has nothing to do with biology and everything to do with how a person feels at the moment. In the world of make-believe that is being taught as reality to very young children, a person’s gender can change at will. Booted out the door are morality, sexual restrictions, and inhibitions. It creates an “anything goes” environment when it comes to sexuality. This drives a wedge between parents and their children and sets children up for sexual chaos. It makes them sexually available to predators and protects those predators who abuse children with abortions to cover up the evidence of abuse. 

“‘Sexuality Education’ is not about health,” Rep. McDermott writes. HE CONTINUES:

It is about promoting a specific, far-left worldview that is at odds with the principles of risk avoidance and basic human anatomy. In a world where pseudoscience reigns supreme, biology becomes irrelevant. Further, “everything goes,” so criticism about dangerous behavior is forbidden. Before children get a chance to grow up and discover sex during marriage (or at least after reaching adulthood), the state will step in and enter their heads and their bedrooms with the new state-approved definition of morality.

STOPP works in solidarity with Hawaii’s parents and Representative McDermott in sounding the alarm about Planned Parenthood’s plan for Hawaii’s children. The assault on morality and the innocence of children in Hawaii is being duplicated all across our nation. STOPP commends the parents—along with Representative McDermott and other legislators who have joined him—for their tenacity and heroic stand. We urge parents to educate legislators across the nation about Planned Parenthood’s agenda and to join with them in exposing and stopping Planned Parenthood’s relentless incursions into the hearts, minds, and bedrooms of our children with what it calls sex education. 

Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International.