Haunted Conscience?

Sometimes proponents of abortion get downright grotesque in their efforts to persuade the public, and perhaps themselves, that aborting a child is a good thing. 

For example, the Women's Medical Fund of Philadelphia presents an evening of what they call "Nightmare on American Street." The program is designed to expose the horror of denying abortions to poor women, young women and rural women … a practice they claim was put in place when the Hyde Amendment was adopted over 30 years ago.

The Women's Medical Fund describes themselves this way:


The Women's Medical Fund provides direct financial assistance and other support to low-income women and girls in Southeastern Pennsylvania who wish to terminate an unwanted pregnancy but cannot afford a safe legal abortion.


Terminate … a word that means kill; unwanted … a word used to dehumanize a child; safe and legal … a phrase that is inaccurate to the core.

The curious thing about the Women's Medical Fund horror show is the undeniable fact that those who advocate killing children can only live with themselves by trying to spook the rest of us. One has to wonder if perhaps these strange-thinking people are really having their own nightmare dealing with the undeniable fact that what they are truly supporting is deadly to children.