Gosnell Strikes a Deal for Mercy

WASHINGTON, DC – Abortionist Kermit Gosnell has been convicted of three counts of first-degree murder in infant deaths and one count of manslaughter in the death of Karnamaya Mongar. He also faced 24 counts of performing abortions past Pennsylvania's 24-week gestational age, 227 counts of performing abortions without giving the woman the mandated 24-hour waiting period, and other counts involving racketeering and operating a "corrupt organization."

Judie Brown, president of American of Life League, the nation's oldest Catholic prolife organization, released this statement:

"After literally snuffing out the lives of hundreds of innocents at the very beginning of their lives, Gosnell acted to save the last few years of his own. In the end, Gosnell struck a deal asking for the mercy that he refused to the hundreds of babies he killed.

The saddest part of this story is that Gosnell is not the exception; he is the rule. Each day, new reports of atrocities committed by abortionists on women and their children are being revealed across this country.

Just because the media refuses to report these horrors does not mean they don't exist. Gosnell is not the problem: Refusal to recognize the immorality of abortion, whether committed in shiny offices on Main Street or in dingy clinics, only protects all the Gosnells across America.

It is not our place to seek revenge, but we must all demand justice for the next generation. We pray that America will finally understand that Gosnell is like every other abortionist and every abortionist is no different than Gosnell."


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American Life League, cofounded by Judie Brown in 1979, is the oldest national Catholic pro-life education and advocacy organization in the United States. For more information, please visit https://www.all.org.