Good guys wear white hats

March 1, 2006 09:00 AM
More than twenty years ago we flew to Rome for a meeting, and a very tall man accompanied us -- my husband, our three young children and me -- to the Pope's Sunday Mass. This man wore a white suit, and a white hat and must have impressed the guards at that Mass, for we were escorted to the front and were able to be very close to Pope John Paul II on that day. Our children will never forget that man nor will they forget how he got them so close to the Pope, not to mention a lot of other neat things he did with them.


Well, that man in the white suit was Joe Scheidler, and at the time it never occurred to me that he would one day be the hero in a long, drawn out battle between good and evil. So yesterday when I heard the news that Joe Scheidler had finally won his legal battle with the N.O.W. pro-death zealots, all I could do was recall that day in Rome and remember the old saying ... good guys wear white!

Joe Scheidler has always had zeal for truth; never during the long years of this court battle did he lose heart. In fact he often told me that regardless of how things turned out, he was prepared. His faith never wavered; his dedication to the babies never ceased. I know that his dear wife, Ann and his entire family are so very proud of him. So I just want to add that the Brown family is proud of him too. We remember that tall man in the white suit and the white hat; we knew he was a good guy then ... we still know it and praise God that we know him.

Way to go, Joe!

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