Going For The Gold

My good friend John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute is a brilliant attorney who has come to see the value in pursuing statewide personhood bills in each and every state in America. He pointed out recently that whether by legislation or constitutional amendment, personhood is the only goal worth pursuing if we truly want to end abortion in America.

As if to confirm his opinion in a secular media way, Bob Unruh recently wrote for World Net Daily an excellent article, 'Personhood' silver bullet to kill Roe v. Wade?

In this article, Caryl Swift of Georgia Right to Life echoes American Life League's long-held conviction that it is time for Americans to "speak decisively to this most fundamental right."

In Georgia they are doing it; in Michigan they are doing it, in Colorado they are doing it. Oh that each state would do so because by such declarations we will truly unveil the tragic mask of the culture of death in our nation.

If you are now asking yourself why every single national right to life group is not striving for personhood with same vigor as American Life League, I think I can help you figure that out.

You see, if a genuine personhood bill were to become law or an amendment to a Constitution, any birth control method that aborts children, even if only occasionally, would be outlawed as would in vitro fertilization. Either we want to protect ALL innocent persons or we don't.

So take a moment to read the article by Unruh, say a prayer for brilliant attorneys like John Whitehead and Richard Thomas, and then get busy striving for personhood.

If not now, when? If not us, who?