God Help Us!

It was beyond my morning coffee jolt; it was more energizing than a can of Red Bull. It was so disgusting I had to read it three times. What was this, you might ask?

Well, a commentary in USA TodayWhere does God stand on abortion? is the basis for my apoplectic attitude. Tom Ehrich, an Episcopal pastor, is arguing that while some say that God's law, "thou shalt not kill," applies to the act of abortion, others, including Ehrich, take the more moderate position that churches differ on abortion as do people in the pew have a variety of views. It's all about opinions.

He writes, "Whether one attends a Southern Baptist service, a Catholic Mass, Jewish Synagogue or Muslim mosque, there's a good chance that fellow congregants view the abortion debate as individuals rather than with one religious voice."

Those of us, therefore, who know that a person begins when a human being begins at his beginning are extremists, at least according to Rev. Ehrich. Thus we can conclude that once again, God really didn't mean those Ten Commandments; He was merely offering suggestions. 

And if you believe that, then you too are a victim of the moral relativism that has seeped into the nooks and crannies of every aspect of daily living including, and perhaps most especially, into the pulpits.