Gallup to death

The May 17 Gallup Poll on euthanasia had many surprising twists and contradicts everything the Zogby poll reported. The question dealing with Terri Schiavo and the mischaracterization of her state is but one example.

First, the polled person heard that Terri was dying and that she had no reasonable hope of recovering before the starvation began. Wrong!

Second, pollees heard that nutrition and hydration are "life support," but were not asked if they understood the difference between treatment and basic, humane comfort care such as feeding a patient.

Based on such lopsided questions, is it really shocking to learn that 85 percent of Americans say they would prefer starvation to living? If you break down the responses, even 70 percent of Christians want to be starved to death!

But even if you ignore Terri and the truth about her case, 75 percent of Americans support physician assisted suicide; Catholics, Protestants and Evangelicals are all of a mind on this crime against the dignity of the human person.

Who says the pro-life movement is winning? Propaganda is the odds on favorite so far.