Fristing in the wind

There has been a great deal of debate for some months over the question of whether Senator Bill Frist is or is not pro-life. Well (as if anyone should be surprised), the fact is that the very way he practices medicine disqualifies him as a pro-life American.

In his own words, Frist compared his position on embryonic stem cell research to the choices he makes as a heart-and-lung transplant surgeon. "If the destiny of an embryo is to be discarded, or buried the next day, or thrown away, whatever words are used," he said, "in the same way that I take a heart out of one individual to give another potential life, doesn't it make sense to take three or four cells out of that embryo that would buried the next day, in order to give potential healing?"

If it is OK to kill a patient so that someone else can have his heart, then why wouldn't it be OK to kill a preborn embryonic child?