Fraud, Malevolence And Greed: The Three-Pronged Planned Parenthood Strategic Plan

Some days ago American Life League began looking into reports from California that Planned Parenthood affiliates in that state had defrauded state and federal taxpayers to the tune of at least $180,000.00. At first we could not possibly believe it to be true! We were naïve enough to think that perhaps the state attorney general had simply not taken the time to study the whistleblower lawsuit that was filed by a former vice-president of Planned Parenthood.

We were sadly mistaken.

News reports including one from the California Catholic Daily make it clear that, "Planned Parenthood bought contraceptives and other medicines at deeply discounted rates because of their status as a charity, then billed the state Medi-Cal program for 12 or more times their purchase price. Both state and federal law explicitly forbids such over-billing."

So when a former employee brought this matter to the attention of his superiors, their reaction was not to adjust the price structure and make amends, but to fire the executive who was registering the concern. Fraud is clearly part of the game plan, and what troubles us about this now is that nobody appears to be concerned about it. As I write this not a single official of the California state government has announced plans to investigate each and every Planned Parenthood office in the state and suspend their business until such time as the investigation is complete.

Not only that, but a pattern is emerging.

Just yesterday we reported that in Florida Planned Parenthood has been accused of doing precisely the same thing. Apparently, according to the Miami Herald, a great deal of the funding being managed by Planned Parenthood is "reportedly missing or unaccounted for."

Falsifying their annual reports in Florida coupled with overcharging for birth control by a factor of 12 in California adds up to a whole lot of crime going on under the roof of an organization that has for more than 40 years maintained a public image of being all about women’s health and happy, planned families!

While you and I laugh at such a description and wonder why the government hasn’t stepped in to have the whole shebang audited carefully and with excruciating accuracy, I have a suspicion that is not going to happen. The reason for this is obvious: The architects of the culture of death have a stranglehold on the federal government. These people have been manipulating laws, families and children for years and years. Laughing at the vulnerability of the American tax payer while bilking us for only God knows exactly how much has become the status quo, the inside joke, the Friday night cocktail fare.

No, I am not being cynical. It is possible to trace, if one takes the time and reads enough history, the culture of death’s origins all the way back in time to the early 1900’s when Margaret Sanger challenged the first law banning the mailing of birth control and appeared on a stage to tell an audience of her supporters how elated she was to be the victim of such unfair tactics. She said:

I care nothing for Free Speech in and by itself. All of us place too much value on the power of the printed word and the power of the spoken word. We read too much. We listen too much. We live too little. We act too little. . . . I speak to you by my actions past and present. I have been gagged, I have been suppressed, I have been arrested, I have been hauled off to jail. Yet every time, more people have listened to me, more have protested, more have lifted their own voices, more have responded with courage and bravery. . . . As a propagandist, I see immense advantages in being gagged. It silences me, but it makes millions of others talk about me, and the cause in which I live. (Ford Hall Forum Speech, Apr. 16, 1929 [LCM 129:484-485])

That is precisely where this struggle for America’s mind began—with one woman who believed that her cause was so right that the more law enforcement tried to stop her, the more effective she would be. And today we see the fruits of that attitude being borne out in the tragic abuses of finances, not to mention lives and families that Planned Parenthood is perpetrating from one end of this country to the other.

You see, I do not believe that California and Florida are isolated instances, but merely the tip of the iceberg. When an organization allegedly dedicated to health care will intentionally and with forethought rob children of their innocence while teaching them that birth control and abortion are provided to help them enjoy sexual frivolity there is nothing they won’t do including perpetrate fraud and all manner of malfeasance. But what is even worse is that as Planned Parenthood continues to flout the law with impunity they appear to be beyond reproach. Even the president of the United States recommends increasing the tax payer funding they receive each year.

What will it take for the officials who are charged with law enforcement in this nation to begin the process of bringing down this bastion of evil? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure—American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International isn’t going to turn down the heat for a millisecond!